You or your child do not need to have a mental health diagnosis to benefit from counselling. In fact, most clients do not meet the criteria for a mental health disorder. We offer support for most developmental concerns including challenges with sleeping, eating and toileting. We also address how to manage tantrums and challenging behaviors.

By the time we see parents in the office most have already read dozens of books and subscribed to numerous blogs or podcasts on the subject of raising children. These sources provide an overwhelming amount of information which may not be applicable to your specific child, lifestyle or parenting style. Meeting with an individual counselor to discuss parenting means you can cut through the noise and come up with strategies that work for you and your child.

Parents may benefit from support when:

  • Both parents cannot agree on parenting strategies
  • Tantrums are overwhelming or seems inappropriate for your child’s age
  • You are unable to remain calm to support your child’s difficult emotions
  • Any behaviors that is severe enough to disrupt your family or school life
  • Bedtime, mealtime or bathroom time is challenging