Sexual Health Education

Landa Fox, Our Sexual Health Educator, is passionate about delivering inclusive and accurate sexual health education that meets the needs of individuals, families, and communities.

Landa offers the following sexual health and relationship education services:


1. Individual Sexual Health Education Workshops

Sexual health education is more than just the basics of sex. It is individual and changes based on knowledge, beliefs, culture, and personal history.
Services include:

  • Providing appropriate, individualized sexual health education to anyone with unique learning needs
  • Topics can be based on age or grade (Ministry of Education Learning Outcomes) but will always be age-appropriate
  • Teaching can focus on specific areas where knowledge could be improved based on specific needs (e.g., learning about menstruation prior to first menses).


2. Addressing Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors

Sexual behaviors vary widely. If you believe something is inappropriate we can work together to determine the best approach to manage the behaviors.

Services include:

  • Completing a functional assessment to determine why the behaviour is happening
  • Developing a comprehensive behaviour support plan to help prevent and address behaviour(s) of concern, while focusing on teaching appropriate alternative behaviours
  • Training family, caregivers, and other community partners how to support the individual

The individual engaging in the behaviours will be involved in the development of the plan to the greatest extent possible


3. Family and Caregiver Training

Family members and caregivers are an important source of sexual health information for their children.  Services may include:

  • Individual sessions help caregivers feel comfortable and confident in supporting their loved ones.
  • Sessions may focus on increasing knowledge about a specific topic or area; becoming¬† confident answering questions; providing accurate resources and discussing how they can be modified to meet the needs of your child/youth.